Give a Little, Change a Lot.

Provision of Books, Arts & Craft Material for Children


AAS Social Association puts in tireless efforts in educating and spreading awareness, as well as providing its children with access to books and materials that can help them achieve a better life in the future. Similarly, AAS, through the help of donors, has been able to provide its children in need with books and materials which not only helps in formal education but also encourages creative thinking.


The Humanitarian Awards 2016 was an event and programme which was held in Karachi Marriott Hotel. AAS Social Association and China International Education & Medical Foundation collaborated in organizing this joint event. The aim and motto for this award was ‘Developing a Literal & Prosper Pakistan by providing Education & Health Services’. The motto explains the need of the country to actively focus and participate in educating and providing health-care as well as health awareness throughout the country.

AAS Social Association was successful in not only promoting itself, but also to share the ideology of the organization amongst international and local audiences.