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Our Journey Since 2006

We at AAS Social Association bring forward and founded not only an organization, but a mindset which we promote and encourage. Our country and its rural populations have been in negligence, and it is our duty to serve, foster, develop and sustain the lives of these individuals and families. Since the beginning, we have built our association with standards to maintain – Multi-Sectarianism, Peaceful Co-existence and Reintegration of Vulnerable Communities. 


We aim to provide towards the needs of the vulnerable citizens and victims of rural areas and regions within Karachi and the province of Sindh as well. Assistance and support for the neglected groups and cases, particularly women and children, are a priority for AAS.  It is our ambition to serve and bring together communities; empowering and protecting them.


Our Vision as a Non-Profit Humanitarian Organization is to play a role in providing and contributing towards serving the people of Karachi in need, with services which include rehabilitation, growth, assistance and reliefs to the vulnerable communities. We envision growth of our program in all of Sindh, with the ambition to grow country-wide. 

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We work tirelessly to reshape the lives of the less privileged and to find new ways to empower, educate, provide for them a belonging and secure environment whilst giving them shelter.

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